Sawhill Ponds, Boulder, CO

view 2I have been visiting family in Boulder, CO, for a few days. At the western edge of the Great Plains, the bird life isn’t that much different from the Willamette Valley in Oregon, with a few nice exceptions.

cormorant 1Double-crested Cormorant

cormorant backlitan artsy image of the same Double-crested Cormorant

common grackleI am always happy to see Common Grackles, since they seldom make it to Oregon.

rough-winged swallowNorthern Rough-winged Swallow

killdeerThis pond hosted several Killdeer (above), Spotted Sandpipers, American Avocets, and a Wilson’s Phalarope.

pelicansAmerican White Pelicans, with Canada Goose and Ring-billed Gulls

magpieBlack-billed Magpies are fairly common here, but they tend to be rather shy, never allowing a close approach.

eastern kingbirdI saw lots of Eastern Kingbirds at these ponds. I haven’t seen any Western Kingbirds around Boulder, which surprised me.

bullfrogAmerican Bullfrogs were the only amphibians I found. The only reptile was a Black-necked Garter Snake, a lifer for me.

cottontail Cottontails were very abundant at sunrise. I believe this is a Desert Cottontail, but please correct me if I am wrong.

coyote yawninga sleepy Coyote


prairie dogIn the “adorable rodents” department, I bring you Black-tailed Prairie Dogs.

prairie dog duo 2
prairie dog peeking

viewAnother view of the Front Range of the Rockies.

2 thoughts on “Sawhill Ponds, Boulder, CO

  1. I grew up in Nebraska and was just back there last week. The vast horizon of the Plains still has an appeal even though I love Oregon’s mountains now. I was able to enjoy the sound of Cardinals singing and cicadas weeping. Cutest of all are those prairie dogs.

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