Rocky Mountain National Park, Part 2, Mammals

tundra 2A morning at Rocky Mountain National Park produced more mammals than birds, an unusual occurance in most areas. Despite the low numbers of birds, you always have to appreciate the charismatic megafauna.

single mule deerBehind this bush is a really large Mule Deer.

double mule deerHe was soon joined by a friend.

marmot 1Yellow-bellied Marmots have appeared on this blog before, and surely will again. In deference to those who are not as enamored with marmots as I am, I will limit this post to three photos.
marmot trio 2This marmot snuggle party was inspired by a Coyote that had just run through the area.
marmot 4You may ask, what could possibly be cuter than a baby Yellow-bellied Marmot? The answer. . .

pika 1a baby Pika! Who needs Brown-capped Rosy Finches when you have these little fluffballs scampering across the tundra?

pika 3more Pika adorableness

Mammals seen but not photographed that morning included Coyote, Rocky Mountain Elk, Bighorn Sheep, Snowshoe Hare, and an unidentified chipmunk. It was Mammalpalooza.

2 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain National Park, Part 2, Mammals

  1. John, I’m behind on your blog! I must show the pika to Mark, he will whine with jealousy. I’m enjoying catching up on your summer adventures.

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