Sample Clips

All of These Things are Not Like the Others Bird Watchers Digest, November 2013 – Dealing with individual variation

Getting Into Shape for Gull ID BirdWatching, February 2013 – How to identify gulls by shape.

Chasing a Ghost Bird Watcher’s Digest, July 2010 – My encounter with an old specimen in a nature center rekindles my fascination with an exterminated species. This is one of my favorite pieces.

How to Use a Site Guide Bird Watcher’s Digest, September 2010 – How to evaluate and use a site guide.

Zen Birding Birding, September 2006 – My philosophy of birding, in short story form.

Beginner’s Guide to Pelagic Trips Wildbird, March 2005 – The whys and hows of pelagic birding.

The Perfect Birding Guide Bird Watcher’s Digest, November 2002 – How to become (or select) the perfect birding guide.

A Closer Look: Lesser Prairie-Chicken Birding, June 1995 – A look at one of the most threatened, and unknown, birds in North America.