Sauvie Island 4/5/12

I took advantage of the dry weather to scout Sauvie Island (Birding Oregon p. 55) for my Little Brown Birds field trip.

Sandhill Cranes are still present in good numbers.

The Osprey nest along Rentenaar Road is occupied again.

We just had our wettest March on record, so water levels are high. This is the view from the end of Rentenaar Road. The white speck on the lake is an American White Pelican. White Pelicans have become increasing common on Sauvie Island in recent summers, but sightings this early in the year are unusual.

Here is the same bird coming in to land.

I take my LBB class to Sauvie for the abundance of sparrows. (We ended up with ten species of sparrow on our trip.) Here is a White-throated Sparrow, one of the rarer species in our area.

This Fox Sparrow was bathing in a puddle.

still bathing

all clean

2 thoughts on “Sauvie Island 4/5/12

  1. John-
    Just found your blog through Google News for Sauvie. We have a fledgling facebook page called Sauvie Island Birding and would love to have join and post some of your photos there.
    Jane Hartline

  2. Hello,

    I used to bird extensively around the state, but not in ten years. So, when I saw a flock of White Pelicans flying over Sauvie Island today, I immediateley went online to check how rare this is. I had never seen them before on the island and I birded there a lot. So, thank you for enlightening me about this bird in the willamette Valley and Portland area. I will be on the lookout for more Pelicans.
    Its exciting to see them. I took a couple of photos but had to wait to get home to enlarge them enough to see the bill. Wow – yes, Pelicans indeed! 15-20 birds, and two smaller flocks flew over later.

    Ken Aldrich
    Tigard, OR

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