Fernhill Wetlands 11/11/09

I took a brief walk around Fernhill Wetlands (Birding Oregon p. 61) while meeting with a reporter today. The weather was rather dreary, but, as always, there were some birds around.

eared grebe
Eared Grebe is an unusual visitor to the main lake. Note the thin bill and dusky cheeks. The more common Horned Grebe has a thicker bill, white cheeks, and a neat black cap.
eared grebe 2
Another view of the Eared Grebe. The back end of this species tends to float fairly high in the water.

cackling geese
Most of the wintering Cackling Geese were off grazing somewhere, but these two were hanging out on the lake. The bird on the right has pale feather edges, indicating a young bird.

canada geese
In contrast to the Cackling Geese, these resident Canada Geese are much larger with long snakey necks.

common mergansers
Common Mergansers were indeed common on the main lake this morning, but did not allow a close approach.

great egret
Great Egrets stand out on a dreary gray day.

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