Northern Flickers

northern flicker male front
Northern Flickers have been visiting the bird feeder lately. Their bills are not designed to crack open seeds, so they just pull all the seeds out of the feeder until they find one that is already open.

northern flicker female
Females lack the red mustaches found on the males.

northern flicker male
Since they are a common backyard species, we tend to take Northern Flickers for granted, or focus on their destructive habit of drilling into house siding. But on close inspection, we see that these are truly stunning birds.

This Black-capped Chickadee, a more common species at bird feeders, is dwarfed by the monstrous flicker. Northern Flickers normally eat ants and other insects, but will come to feeders offering suet or sunflower seeds.

2 thoughts on “Northern Flickers

  1. These pictures are so cool. We don’t have Flickers in Switzerland – and seeing that gorgous bird that close ist great!

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