Sunkhaze Meadow NWR, Maine

Sunkhaze Meadow NWR lies just northeast of Bangor, Maine. It is a huge open wetland surrounded by woods. During my recent trip to Maine, most of the sites I visited were along the coast. Sunkhaze is inland, so the birds were a little different, and the mosquitoes were much more abundant.

Beaver pond. The area had received a lot of rain recently, so the pond was very full.

Here’s a closer look at the Beaver lodge. The Beavers were out of sight, as expected during the day. A Star-nosed Mole was a nice find here, although he moved too fast for a photo.

Eastern Phoebe carrying food for her young.

Slugs were feeding on this colorful fungus.

Northern Leopard Frog

Red-eyed Vireo

Baby Turkeys! (Turklets? Turkitos?) I saw two females, each with a brood of about a dozen young. These were photographed through the windshield.

This is a neat site. Had the bugs not been so bad, I would have liked to have explored it more thoroughly.