Columbia River Gorge

The Columbia River Gorge is not a terribly birdy place. You can hear some of the common species, and see a bird or two on any given hike, but there are better places to see the birds of the western Cascades.  Occasionally, however, I remind myself that there is more to life than birds. Recently I left my binocular at home and took a couple of hikes in the gorge. Here are some highlights, minus the shortness of breath and sore calves.

angel's rest
This is a view from the rocky outcrop known as Angel’s Rest. From here you can see the Columbia River, forests in various stages of regrowth, and rimrock.

ocean spray
A view of the river with blooming Ocean Spray.

Red Columbine

tiger lily
Tiger Lily

brush rabbit
This young Brush Rabbit was sitting right by the trail. So cute.


Lorquin’s Admiral drinking near a stream

We passed this stream in the Wahkeena Falls area.

western tanager
Western Tanager. I have to include at least one bird per post.