Steller’s Eider

The Oregon birding scene has been abuzz the past week and a half about a Steller’s Eider that has been hanging out at the Seaside Cove. Steller’s Eiders normally spend the winter around the Aleutian Islands. Their population has declined in recent decades and the species is listed as threatened in the United States. So it is a pretty big deal that this individual made it all the way south to Oregon and has been so cooperative for so many birders. Yes, she is a little brown duck, but she is a very special little brown duck, only the fourth of her kind to be recorded in Oregon.

I have mixed feelings about chasing individual birds, but I couldn’t pass up what will probably be my only opportunity to see this species. It didn’t hurt that she showed up at the closest coastal point to my house.  Live long and prosper, little brown duck. Thanks for stopping by.

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