SE Arizona Lizards

I have always enjoyed studying herps, and my recent trip to SE Arizona provided a nice opportunity to enjoy some new species. I don’t have a reptile reference for that area, so I am using this post to practice letting go of my need to name things. I invite you to enjoy the pretty lizards. If you know their names, feel free to leave a comment.

fiveRamsey Canyon

oneRamsey Canyon

short horned lizardMadera Canyon


fourSaguaro National Park

striped lizardRamsey Canyon

2 thoughts on “SE Arizona Lizards

  1. That one from Madera Canyon sure looks tough and he as good camo. I know that need to name everything (you saw my MacroLichens book!).

  2. John,
    Based on my herps of New Mexico reference, my guess is:
    1. Yarrow’s Spiny Lizard
    2. Tree Lizard
    3. Roundtail Horned Lizard
    4. Tree Lizard
    5. Zebratail Lizard
    6. Desert Grassland Whiptail

    Great Photos! Thanks for sharing.

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