Arizona Hummingbirds

One big draw of southeastern Arizona is the diversity of hummingbird species. The greatest diversity is usually found during the monsoon season of late summer, but even in mid-April I found eleven species. Here are some photos of the more cooperative ones.

broad-billed hummingbird 1Broad-billed Hummingbirds were the most frequently encountered species. This male was at Patagonia.

broad-tailed hummingbirdBroad-tailed Hummingbird, Madera Canyon

black-chinned hummingbirdBlack-chinned Hummingbirds actually have a lovely purple gorget, but the light has to hit them just right for it to show its colors.

magnificent hummingbirdMagnificent Hummingbirds look completely black most of the time. Like the Black-chinned, the light has to hit them just right to see their colors. This blurry shot was the only one from the trip that showed any color at all.

calliopeFrom one of the largest hummingbirds to one of the smallest; Calliope Hummingbird, Madera Canyon

lucifer hummingbird 2The long tail and long curved bill are distinguishing marks of this Lucifer Hummingbird.

lucifer hummingbird 3Here’s a better look at the gorget on the Lucifer Hummingbird.

violet-crownedViolet-crowned Hummingbird, seen at the world-famous Patton yard in Patagonia

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