Fernhill Dog Days

In preparation for my shorebirds class for Portland Audubon, I have made several trips to Fernhill Wetlands (Birding Oregon p. 61) in recent weeks. As expected in the Willamette Valley in late summer, species diversity is fairly low, but there is always something to see.

Green Herons are common at this site, flushing from the shores of the main lake or hunting in Dabblers Marsh.

High water levels this year have left little mud for the shorebirds. This Killdeer has found some higher ground.

Greater Yellowlegs

The shorebird class found at least six Stilt Sandpipers on their field trip. This species is a rare migrant in Oregon. I had only seen one individual in Oregon prior to this trip, also at Fernhill.

Two Stilt Sandpipers

Late summer is the ugly duck season, with most birds in their summer alternate, or “eclipse” plumage. I think I know what this little duck is, but I would be interested in your opinions. Leave a comment.

This is a school of young bullheads, I assume Black Bullheads. The young school together while the adult male stays close by to protect them. There were many broods of these little fish in Cattail Marsh.

I haven’t learned to ID the local dragonflies, so if you know who this is, leave a comment.

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