Pelagic Trip 9/11/2010

I took a pelagic birding trip out of Newport, OR, on September 11. This was a trip offered by Greg Gilson of The Bird Guide, Inc. His trips are always well organized and I highly recommend them.

Black-footed Albatrosses are common off the Oregon Coast, and are readily attracted to chumming.

This is a small portion of the flock of Black-footed Albatrosses attracted to our boat. The older birds have white on their heads, while younger birds are darker overall. The smaller birds near the upper left corner are Northern Fulmars.

Pink-footed Shearwaters were the most numerous shearwater species on this trip, with well over 2000 birds seen. Despite their abundance, they seldom got close enough or still enough for a chance at a decent photo.

The rarest bird of the trip was this Flesh-footed Shearwater, which I almost captured in the frame of this photo.

Northern Fulmars will often come very close to the boat. Notice the tube on top of the bird’s bill.

Sabine’s Gulls are easily recognized by their striking wing pattern.

Pacific White-sided Dolphins surfed the boat’s wake.

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