Tree Swallow

Tree Swallows are common summer residents throughout Oregon, wherever there are open spaces, water, and cavities for nesting. They are the first of the swallows to arrive in spring, usually in February in the Willamette Valley. They are also the only swallow to include fruit and seeds in their diet, a strategy which enhances their ability to survive wintry weather when insects are hard to find.

Nesting occurs in cavities, natural or man-made. This pair is using one of the many nest boxes at Fernhill Wetlands.

This female is using an old woodpecker cavity for nesting. When nest boxes are not available, Tree Swallow nesting success is directly tied to the availability of woodpecker cavities.

2 thoughts on “Tree Swallow

  1. Tree swallows are winter residents at Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge on the Upper Texas Coast. I also enjoyed seeing them in Colorado while rafting.

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