Random Waterfowl

Here are some random shots of some of the many waterfowl species that winter in the Willamette Valley

This Common Merganser was swimming with her face submerged, looking for fish. I have also seen loons hunt in this way.

the same bird preening

Here she finally shows her face. The clearly demarcated white chin helps to differentiate this species from the similar Red-breasted Merganser.

This female Eurasian Wigeon is recognized by her brown head. Notice the female American Wigeon on the right with her gray head.

Here is a distant shot of a mixed flock of waterfowl (click to enlarge). From left to right, you can see Ring-necked Duck, Canvasback, Cackling Goose, American Coot, and American Wigeon.

3 thoughts on “Random Waterfowl

  1. Phenomenal photos, John!

    I really appreciate your effort to explain the diagnostic features of the birds on your blog. It’s wonderful for someone who is interested in learning. Is this, by chance, Stefan’s female Eurasian Wigeon from Westmoreland? If so, I once pursued her but came up short. I’m confident that my inexperience camouflaged the bird. In any case, excellent photos, excellent book, and excellent blog!

    Good Birding!

    Rhett W. (boundtobird.blogspot.com)

  2. Hey John,

    Me again…as I’ve browsed your blog, any chance you might point me in the right direction for my first Western Gray Squirrel?

    Thanks so much,

    Rhett W.

  3. Rhett,
    In the Portland area, Western Gray Squirrels have been reintroduced to the Oak Island unit on Sauvie Island.

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