Turkey Vultures

Today is International Vulture Awareness Day. Many species of vulture throughout the world are gravely imperiled. We are blessed in this country with healthy populations of both Turkey and Black Vultures.

turkey vulure roost
Birders should really appreciate Turkey Vultures, as they are so accommodating.  They roost in plain sight.

turkey vulture posts
They take their time getting up in the morning, so there is no need for us to get up at the crack of dawn to see them. These birds are catching a few rays while they wait for the sun to warm things up and provide updrafts to keep the birds aloft.

turkey vulture line-up
When they aren’t airborne, they perch out in the open for all to see. Those pesky warblers are seldom so generous.

turkey vulture turned
Birding has enough challenges. Don’t neglect to appreciate the easy birds, and the important roles they play.

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