Gull Glamour Shots

The gulls along the Willamette River in downtown Portland are quite used to people, and, in fact, seek them out in hopes of a handout. (A similar behavior is exhibited by some people along the river in downtown Portland.) This gives you an excellent opportunity to look at these birds up close and personal. Who says gulls aren’t sexy?

This is the third-cycle Slaty-backed Gull that has been hanging out in Portland. Part of the appeal of this bird, of course, is the novelty associated with this exotic visitor from Siberia.

Thayer’s Gulls always seem to have this demure air about them. Is it their gentle features and brooding dark eyes? Or are they contemplating whether they are, in fact, a separate species or just the western subspecies of Iceland Gull?

This bird shows off the massive school-bus-yellow bill and yellow orbital ring of a Western Gull. The bit of streaking on the head and neck reveals that a Glaucous-winged Gull perches somewhere in this bird’s family tree.

One thought on “Gull Glamour Shots

  1. Took a brief visit to the Burnside Bridge this morning, 3/31/09, to try to spot the slaty-backed gull. Did not visit the Broadway Bridge.
    Any viewings of this in the last few days? If so, where? Has he/she migrated out of Portland already?

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