Black-headed Grosbeaks

We are starting to see some songbird movement in the Portland area. Swainson’s Thrushes can be heard flying overhead at night. Several people are reporting Black-headed Grosbeaks under their feeders. Most of the adult grosbeaks have already headed south by the end of August, so many of the birds being reported now are young of the year.

Two grosbeaks have been hanging out under my feeder in recent days. The pattern on these birds is really stunning, so it is nice to see them on the ground. I’m not positive whether the bird above is a female or first-winter male.

The intesity of the breast color on this bird suggests a young male. You can see just a bit of the yellow area under the bird’s wing.

One thought on “Black-headed Grosbeaks

  1. Just yesterday we saw our first two. Richard saw them and got a few photos and I saw one today (between rain showers, ugh!) Yep, they were on the ground feeding under the feeders.

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