Ankeny NWR

The August issue of Birder’s World Magazine features my brief site guide to Ankeny National Wildlife Refuge, just south of Salem. Like the other refuges in the Willamette Valley, Ankeny is a stronghold for wintering flocks of geese. But the refuge is good for other migrants and for nesting species, as well. The guide can be viewed at .

One of the better spots at Ankeny is the Rail Trail, a boardwalk through an ash swale. The woods are good for songbirds and owls. The boardwalk ends at a blind overlooking a marsh that hosts waterfowl and American Bitterns.

One thought on “Ankeny NWR

  1. Thanks for posting the photo of the Rail Trail, John! It’s even better-looking than I imagined it when we were preparing your article about the refuge for our August 2008 issue — it sure makes me want to grab my binoculars and start down the boardwalk!

    Chuck Hagner
    Editor, Birder’s World Magazine

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